Jen Westcott
Jen Westcott

I once said my artist's statement should read "I'm more about the ideas than the execution."

I once thought I'd only ever work in sculpture.

I once assumed that being successful would be easy.


I know now that I will always have more ideas than I can see through.

I know now thatn I enjoy and revel in working in different media.

I know now that being an artist is hard.


The usual statement would go... I went to the university of.. But really that's not important.


I live, work and love the North East which I have made my home, but I'm passionate about travelling to new places. Experiencing and sharing them with others is what drives me, when I don't want to be locked away in my studio and left alone!


Being an artist is not what I do, it's who I am.


I've had the joy of working collaboratively with some great artists and friends, sparking ideas off each other and creating works and curating exhibitions I have been proud to be a part of. I've also had the privilege of talking and discussing ideas with people whose work I admire, it's all part of the great scheme of creativity.


And now for the fact part... I know you want to know...


  • Graduated University of Newcastle with a BA (Hons) Fine Art 2000
  • Member of Disco Artists' Collective 2001-2004
  • Exhibition and open studios with Fusion Studio Group as part of Vane 1999
  • 2000 Degrees - Group Exhibition 2000 - Hatton Gallery, Newcastle
  • Argybargy - Group Exhibtion 2000 - Hangar 51, Lime Street, Newcastle
  • Nature Selected Them For Extinction - Group Exhibition 2001 - Charlton Bonds Building, Newcastle
  • Hubbub - Group Exhibtion 2003 - Globe Gallery, North Shields
  • Waygood International Artfayre - interactive video installation 2004
  • Drawn Together: Making Art in Historic Buildings - Artist in Residence for World Monuments Fund Britain 2013
  • Artistic Director Northern Cultural Projects CIC 2016 - current
  • Member of shared arts/music studio Offquay Allstars 2016-2019
  • Time At The Bar exhbition Time Warp - Eldon Square 2016
  • Time At The Bar prints on loan to The Ship Inn, Ouseburn 2016 - current


Took part in a number of book/postcard/contribution exhibtions, books, magazines in the interim. And sold work privately from my stock or on commission.



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